What Smart Schedules Customers Say

SmartSchedules has made my workday more productive by allowing me to put all my tasks and appointments on one calendar, make adjustments to task schedules quickly and easily, and get control of my workflow. This all leads to a more profitable business.

- Justin

Smart Schedule is another time saving and accuracy enhancing product from the people who brought me Quick-File. Thank you, Standss.

- Don Zahnle, REALTOR

Smart Schedules takes the pain out of the repetitive scheduling of the tasks and calendar entries of every company's standard processes. Its elegantly simple format bridges the gap between project management software that is too complex and Outlook's complete lack of 'batch scheduling' tools.

- Peter O'Donnell

I have been looking for the power and functionality provided by Smart Schedules for years. As a Real Estate agent (really, any sales professional can benefit as well as anyone who uses Outlook extensively), I am routinely creating the same set of tasks and/or calendar events over and over. Nothing has come close to providing the functionality and power to make this operation this simple and easy. Finally, someone has felt my pain and done something about it!!!! Smart Schedules is awesome. If you've EVER had to use Outlook as a project planner or you have ever needed to schedule the same items for multiple projects/clients/teams/education, etc., Smart Schedules is a fast, simple and elegant solution to simplify the process!

- Matt Perna