Smart Schedules Update History

Date Version / Details
9th-April-2013 Version 1.0.773
- NEW! Ability to add Project Name before or after the subject of the Appointment/Task.
- Bug fix: Error messages when browsing for date in Non-English language.
- Other ribbon changes for Outlook 2010 and above.
8th-December-2011 Version 1.0.760
- Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate
19th-October-2011 Version 1.0.760
NEW! Ability to invite others to be part of Appointments (via Meeting Requests).
- Report bug fixes:
- Error on generating reports to MS Word
- Recurring Appointments not shown in reports
- Other minor bug fixes
30th-August-2011 Version 1.0.663
- Bug fix: Error on Reschedule if Task has date set to none.
- When editing appointment and task from control center, category was not saved.
- If an appointment and task was added from control center it was not saved.
- Correct item was not selected in events when you return from editing events in templates
3rd-June-2011 Version 1.0.647
First public release
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Head of Change Management and Development Programs